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Lindau 19th May

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So, up early for the 8.30 ferry. A dull hotel breakfast, livened up by Sylvia leaving her bag ( money etc) in the restaurant. The gigantic local farmboy ferry ticket salesman mumbled his way through the instructions, but we worked it out and got on the right ferry. It wasn’t four hours.

My favourite thing is to get out an in or on the water first thing in the morning, when the water is still flat and the breezes haven’t started. So to sail, ripple-free, down beautiful Lake Constance on a gloriously sunny day, stopping it at medieval villages along the way, was bloody fantastic. On the other side was the view of the cascading ranges of hills, mountains and then Alps.

Except for one Slavic young woman, we were the youngest couple on the boat. Its pensioner time in Germany at the moment. Some French people this time, but still predominantly German. The often-overheard Australian accent never surfaced. I think they are less common in these parts.

Like a balloon on a string, a Zeppelin followed us down the coastline. We docked and changed boats at Friedrichshafen…its Zeppelin hometown. There’s a Zeppelin museum, the playground features none-OHS-approved metal Zeppelin playing equipment. And you can take a Zeppelin joyride, of course. A snip at €300.

Too small to get lost, but you can wander.

We got off at Lindau Island, picked up a bargain B&B in the middle of the old town. And Lindau’s old town is mostly intact. Well maintained, with some stunning buildings. The old town hall looks to my untrained eye to be a renaissance project, with lush, decorated trompe-d’oie surfaces.

The island is probably the size of two or three city blocks. (3.6 km circumference, so maybe bigger). Here and there remnants of the Roman fortifications are still being useful. We walked back and forth, around and through the streets and narrow laneways.

Revitelised after yet another dish of icecream, Sylvia is off shopping again while I absorb the merits of a real German beer garden. Because you need to be in the shade today. Its hot.

I think we’ll be going somewhere else for dinner, but these guys know what they are doing. The menu, apart from the usual schnitzel, sausage blah blah is roast chicken. And there they are, roasting and revolving in front of you while you drink your beer and get hungrier just from the roast chicken smell…..Now if you could get that smell into an ad you’d have a marketing campaign that broke all records.

Tomorrow we’re catching the train into Bregenz (10 minutes away), to look around and catch the Pfanderbahn…the cablecar that goes to Pfander, the high peak directly above Bregenz. I believe the view is a complete 360 degrees.

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May 19, 2011 at 3:41 pm

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