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Lindau 21st May

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Yes, a rest day. We stayed on another night at Lindau. We’re staying in an old guesthouse. Nothing fancy, shared shower and toilet, but quiet so far. Breakfast is a ripper, just basic cold stuff like muesli, but great rolls and cold sliced meat, cheese and so on. And they vary the cold cuts each day. I have to resist loading up beyond reasonable.

We walked the other end of the island, then criss-crossed and meandered through the maze of small streets. On the shoreline, there are floating tyres anchored every 20 metres for moorhens to use as a base for their stick nests. It’s out-of-the-nest week for the red-headed hatchlings, and they are very cute.

We lucked on a Saturday market, and bought more seasonal strawberries and apricots. I was tempted to buy the tiny white asparagus heads and ask the guesthouse to cook them for me, but their expertise seems to be in frying only. Travelling light doesn’t leave you much room to do your own catering. And we haven’t been able to buy bread, just rolls. (But extraordinary rolls… one yesterday was a banana-sized salt pretzel-bun filled with cream-cheese, cucumber and chives. Magic.)

Overall, the food on Lindau has been pretty ordinary. I think we’ve worked out now if we get a salad and a main and share it, that’s the right amount of food. Getting volume isn’t the issue, just the quality to our taste. Sylvia’s chicken salad was a ridiculous mix of fried chicken pieces, lettuce and pieces of fruit. I had a pizza, which was a defrosted base with some basic stuff on it. No fruit, thank God.

The night before was better, for me. I had a Scotch fillet, supposedly, but the cut was nothing like home. It looked like the shaggy end of a filet. Sylvia had a falafel salad, and pretty much got what she deserved for ordering it.

For lunch we finally answered Sylvia’s craving for a Leberkase roll, which is a sausage-meat meatloaf sliced hot. I don’t like Leberkase that much, so instead had a parody of a hamburger, which was basically sausage meat pretending to be a hamburger. I watched with envy a couple rip apart and share a crusty, roasted ham hock. What was I thinking? Next time….

Next to the market are two churches. Because it was market day the Catholic one had an organ recital on, which we sat through. It was ok. It was nice to see how enthusiastic the OrganMeister was about his subject matter. This church has three separate organs, and he runs a couple of choirs as well.  Across the way is a Lutheran church, also with a massive organ. I could make some sort of dueling banjos joke, but wouldn’t want to start another 30 year war. Or a big organ joke….

We topped off our heavy day with a snooze in the shade in a park overlooking the harbor, and a beer in the beer-garden. Tomorrow we are off, a biggish trip, from Lindau to Bregenz to Innsbruck. At home I was thinking of an exotic train ride across the mountains, but of course a fair bit of the trip will probably be THROUGH the mountains.  We were very organized, and checked the timetable a day ahead, plotting which/when/ cheapest and so on. Completely forgetting we’d be traveling on Sunday. But the Austrians run the national trains every day on the same timetable. How marvelous!

I had a pine resin disaster on the Pfander walk, soaking resin into my shorts when we sat to eat on a handy fresh-cut log. We had a go at shopping for a replacement pair, but I couldn’t bear to spend $70 on shorts I’d rather burn than wear. The resin is sticky and picking up dirt fast. Shorts…Innsbruck…Lederhosen.

It may happen.

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May 21, 2011 at 3:44 pm

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  1. Hey Ian, I nearly wet my pants reading about your wardrobe malfunction. I want to see the photos if you end of in lederhosen!


    May 30, 2011 at 4:28 am

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