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Zell am See 25th May

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We’re both nervous about travel in Slovenia and Croatia. When all goes well it will be fine, but when trains are cancelled, or you have 4 minutes to transfer from one train to another and cannot speak the language, that’s when it’ll be stressful.

Today our train display said it was cancelled. But there it was at the platform. I don’t understand the logistics, but instead we had to get off at WÖrgl and wait for a connection. As it turns out there were a few people going to Zell am See, and they furiously confirmed that yes, we had to get on the train at the other end of the station which took off almost immediately. That’s the sort of thing that may not go well when we can’t communicate at all.

The train trip was a pretty fast regional train, stopping at a lot of country towns on the way, rolling hills lush and green. Not much in the way of tunnels.

By the time we’d sorted out accommodation, (a guesthouse called Pension Alpenrose, Sylvia ignored my pleas to try a place called Farchenegg), gone down to the Schwimbad centre and forked out a fortune to be allowed to swim in a public lake, sat around, read, had a coffee there wasn’t much of the day left. We really needed to sort out the doings fro the next day, and headed up to the tourist info centre before it closed.

Zell am See and I don’t have a good history. I travelled hard from Vienna three years ago, pre-booked 2 nights accommodation, to travel across the Grossglockner Road. The 3800 metre mountain Grossglockner towers over the 45 kilometre tortuous road that struggles through this high range. It’s supposed to be one of the great roads in Europe. Like our Great Ocean Road, the Grossglockner was built by hand during the Depression. Anyway, last time I got to Zell am See a week after the Road closed for winter. There was no Plan B. I kicked my heels in an empty ski-resort town prior to the ski season, and moped back to Vienna. I did console myself with a dinner in a 500 year old restaurant.

So, this time, when we fronted up to the tourist info centre, the friendly counter-person apologetically informed me that yes, the Grossglockner Road was open. Yeah! But…

But the local buses, and tourist buses, wouldn’t be starting until next week.

I went through the same crash as last time. As we were walking up the hill to our accommodation, I said to Sylvia, “Well, at least we can go to that restaurant I told you about.” Except as we walked past it we could see the sign saying it was closed for the off-season period, re-opening when we would be long gone.

I lay on the bed with a pillow on my face, quite defeated.

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May 25, 2011 at 6:56 pm

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