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Ljubljana, Saturday 28th May

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All in all Bad Gastein was a perfect stopover. What more could you ask for?

Bad Gastein view from the balcony, Day 2

Well, I guess it would be prettier if it was dusted with snow. Voila! I woke up earlyish and looked out the window. A heavy snowfall overnight had finished off a perfect village look-and-feel. We sat in the antique warehouse – the dining room – the only two at breakfast while the owner fussed over us, in a little two-person window seat, staring at the view.

We had enough time, and retraced yesterday’s waterfall walk back to the station. Yesterday it was mostly downhill. Today it was heart-breakingly uphill, and the snow kept on coming, beautiful, fluffy powder snow, at least 7 cm. The paths were a bit treacherous here and there, and loaded with packs it was slow going.

Evidently elsewhere in Austria it’s raining, but at 1000 metres Bad Gastein got snow instead.

A long tunnel through the mountains, then a long ride through the clouds, and we are on our way to Villach to wait the connecting train to Ljubljana.


I think I am in cultural overload at this point. Ljubljana is nice enough. Bashed-up old town look, a bit frayed around the edges. It has a small-town feel. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of substantial buildings, most of three-five story domestic houses, or commercial premises with rooms above.

Everyone speaks English, well enough, and things seem quite cheap. Two giant bowls of really good icecream cost about $10. Rolls and a cake about the same. We sorted out accommodation and ate there, so paid more than we could have, but the food was ok. The original plan of a B&B/Pension went out the window. They don’t seem to be near the old town, so we’re staying at a hotel/hostel. Cheaper than Austria but I suspect we could have been more selective.

Tourist who tried to skip the bill

The economy seems to be built around tourism, but I didn’t get the hussled feel you get is some places. It was Saturday, and everyone was out and about taking in the river walk. There’s the dragon bridge, and a complicated three-road bridge, lots of cobblestones and curvy streets. Every second business is a bar or café/restaurant. Tours are well organized and extensive in the topics they cover

Sylvia was interested in a underground cave tour, but it’s all booked up, so tomorrow we’ll be spending the morning at the castle/museum that overlooks the town and then sorting out travel for Monday for (probably) Zagreb. The original plan was to get to the coast, Rijeka, then catch ferries down to Split and various islands.

However, we have a target of the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. I gather its complicated getting there by train/bus from Rijeka, but easier from Zagreb. It’ll sort itself out tomorrow. It might mean we’ll skip past the main/popular islands like Krk, but that doesn’t bother me. There’s plenty more islands in Croatia.

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May 28, 2011 at 5:04 pm

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