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Sali, Dugi Otok, Friday 3 June

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As it turns out we didn’t go diving today. The perceived surliness was partially language but also actual. The guy running the dive business probably shouldn’t be in tourism. On the phone, in English, he was abrupt. Face-to-face in German he loosened up, and was friendly enough to sell us two snorkels on credit until tomorrow.

He showed up as agreed at 9.00am, but without his boat. His technique for dealing with out-of-the-blue dive requests is to assume its just tyre-kickers. So, based on his worst-case expectations, by the time he’d sussed us out as legitimate is was too late to go for a dive today. Tomorrow.

So tomorrow we have to be back at the dive centre at 8.30 to hire all the gear (except mask and snorkel) and this time we can go. Costs are about the same as Australia (and everywhere…diving has a Big Mac internationalist pricing, it seems), but that makes it an expensive thing here. By comparison, a double dive with gear and tank fills, and 5 nights accommodation, are about the same expense.

The guy running the dive centre is Gert. There has to be a Gert by Sea joke in there somewhere.

However, I’ll be getting up long before 8.30. Bognor/Boznor, our landlord, is heading out at 6.00 in his boat, docked outside the front door, to pick up his fish nets. Not sure what’s involved, but I‘ll be going with him. On the water, first thing, dead flat calm….my kind of time of day.

We stay here

We called in this evening…that is, we shouted up to them sitting on their balcony overlooking the harbor that we were coming up. I wanted to confirm when we were leaving. They don’t really care…when we go, we go. Boznor again got out the wine and kept pouring while we scrambled for a gap in the conversation to leave. He can earbash me for an hour tomorrow.
Today wasn’t much more than a rest day. The bike expedition knocked the stuffing out of us. We would have pushed it and gone diving, but when that fell through we decided to simply catch up. A couple of swims enhanced with the snorkels, a dockside pizza lunch, seafood dinner, icecreams and that was it. And a nap…or two. Hard work.

Yesterday I saw a stonefish/scorpion fish on one snorkel-swim. We don’t have any dive gear, so no boots, and the idea of stepping on a poisonous fish wasn’t all that appealing. Sylvia bought us both some thongs in the supermarket. I hate thongs, haven’t worn a pair for 20 years, but gave it a whirl.

They broke immediately.

The restaurants here pretty much serve grilled food, pizzas and some risotto/pasta. The pizzas at lunchtime were ok, but if they were served in Melbourne would cause a labeling dispute. They have the same names:  we ordered capricciosa and quatro staggione, but they were basically identical, (tomato sauce, ham, cheese) except Sylvia’s had an olive in the middle and four mussels on it. What?

Dinner was grilled whole fish and a seafood pasta. It was homemade sauce but the resultant flavor was pretty much the same as tipping a tin of tomato and basil tuna into a bowl of pasta. The grilled fish is tasty, but  expensive, maybe $30, pushing the meal up past $60 for two. That’s the most expensive meal we’ve had in Croatia. But still cheap….The grill we had on the first night on the island was a much better meal, but actually cheaper…maybe $50.

In going for a swim we walked twice around the path along the coastline. I didn’t see the pedestrian albatross  which worried me…there are quite a lot of not-quite-feral cats around the place. But when we got back into town, there he was, meandering along the docks dodging the people getting off the ferry.

Unless it was some old guy in an albatross costume…..

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June 3, 2011 at 2:50 pm

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