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Lastovo, Saturday 11th June

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Perhaps I better start wearing a St Serendipitious icon on my keyring. The martyred patron saint of lucky chance is on our side.

sea caterpillar

We spent the day at the “beach”. A 20 minute hike gets you to a small bay, rocks on one side, small dock on the other. Three blokes were busy tidying up a small warehouse, and by the soccer net, volleyball court and bar area being marked out I expect they will be entertaining crowds here soon. No one here today.

Local lizard. Sometimes the tail is blue.I won’t go on about it. The water was clear, maybe 30 metre visibility, warm, and the stone walls gave marine life plenty of purchase. Out in the middle were weed beds and sand sections. Lots to see and photograph. The limestone rock gets carved and twisted, and it was lovely.

Two swims and lunch in the shade, then we walked round to another 15 house village.

This was an interesting contrast to Lastova village. In Lucica someone is tipping money into these waterside properties. They are being renovated and refitted, still with odd shaped stone walls and rickety stairs piled on top of each other, but with proper, expensive windows and doors, newly tiled roofs, landscaping and so on.

We went for another swim here, and found lots more interesting things…a species of underwater centipede, with red legs who puffed up white when he noticed us nearby. Different species of fish, octopus, lots of nudibranchs.
We’ve been in the sun for a long time today and are redder than we should be.

Back up the mountainous road to a coffee in Lastovo, and I thought, “We have to go diving here.” We dug out another number for the second diving centre and I rang them.

After a complicated discussion, Boris agreed we might go diving, if we came out to his diving centre now and met him. Again, the tyre-kicking factor….
“Where is the diving centre?”
“Yes, the diving centre. You come here. 6.00. I wait.”
“Ok. Where is your diving centre. We are in Lastovo.”
“Aah! At the hotel.”
“Ok. Where is the hotel?”
“There is only one hotel.”
And so on.

There is also only one taxi, which we mistakenly thought was the same vehicle that acts as a minibus from the ferry. If we…get on the mini-bus…we…get off at Pasadura (where the hotel is) …meet at the dive shop…and catch the bus back! Madness really, but it worked.

The bus driver kindly took us all the way to Pasadura, off his route, and waited for us before zipping back to meet the ferry. As it turns out he is NOT the taxi, so he was doing all of that as a favour to strangers.

All Boris wanted was to see we were legitimate, and not beginner divers. He relaxed and got enthusiastic, and it sounds like
it will be good. We have to be back there at 10.00 tomorrow.

Back on the bus to Lastovo, dinner again at the only restaurant in town. Its unfortunately at the bottom of the valley, so after you load up you have to lurch uphill again. It wasn’t as special tonight. Same menu, we tried the things we had not selected last night.

A German family with a hyperactive 6-year old dominated the night, and by the time they left we were done in and didn’t get a chance to enjoy the peace.

We needed to see the landlady, as we are now staying an extra day, but she is expecting us to leave tomorrow. She was waiting for us with a special treat…a cold plate of fried sardines and home-pickled capers. We tried really hard to indicate we were already bloated, but she wouldn’t let us go until we had made a serious attempt. And a big glass of red. I will be having vivid dreams tonight.

Oddly enough, that was the second plate of sardines we had seen that night. Sascha the attention-deficient-child’s parents ordered him a plate of sardines and then ineffectively dealt with his first-mouthful choking. Most stressful.
After his meal of one mouthful of sardine spine and one litre of Fanta the proprietor further fueled him with a plate of chocolates.

So, after escaping the restraints on him he was quickly up and running into the kitchen, pulling off the tablecloth, screaming and racing round and round our table again shortly.

So…no harm done, wasn’t that good?

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June 11, 2011 at 3:29 pm

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