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Korkula – Badija, Thursday 16th June

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Badija water

A sleep in day.

The trip back to Vienna can take a few forms, and we’ve narrowed down the options.

No one in Korkula seems to be able to book a flight. I did try doing it myself, but the Commonwealth Bank wants me to confirm the transaction via an SMS’d code…we don’t have a phone here. Good fraud security, but it stopped me buying the tickets.

The flights are filling fast, so we might have to resort to a 5-hour bus, 14-hour train slog over two nights. We’ll try again in Dubrovnik. They have an airport there, so I expect they know how to sell tickets.

Today we caught a water taxi to Badija. Although we think it’s getting busy, it is all relative. Badija is a small island 10 minutes from Korkula town, and its geared up to be a major beach playground. There’s tennis, handball and basketball courts, lots of swimming spots. A café or two. Its all closed at the moment, but there’s workmen around getting ready.

Badija shadeWe got off the boat and walked around the corner…maybe 100 metres…and the coast was deserted. Its has shade on that side, with some huge pine trees providing complete sun blockout. Everyone else stayed on the concrete slabs, roasting.

Oh, except two FKKers, nuding up the place, but they kept away from us in the sun. (Why do nudists stand up all the time…they never seem to sit down. Is it rule they are not allowed to sit on anything soft?)

We scoffed our best-so-far meat, cheese and spinach bureks. I read how nice Dalmatian cakes are, but we are yet to get anything that is more than average. They tend to use ingredients like a gluey cherry jam that been artificially thickened. I’m sure the same cake with fresh ingredients would be nice.

Badija nudibranchs

Then swam, and read. Keeping to the nudie theme, there were lots of nudibranchs at this spot, the best so far. Maybe we’re getting our eye in finally, but it seemed to me they were more prolific out in the colder water, whereas we’ve mostly been in shallow, almost warm water. Three or four clumps of rcok had an underside of rich weed, and it was packed with different nudiebranchs.

On the taxi boat home, the Fkkers were with us. Sylvia was wondering, “If his face is so burnt, how bad must the other bits be?” My theory is his face is in the sun all day, his knob only gets a few hours. But secretly I hoped he was toasted. More a mixed grill, I guess.

None of the nudists we saw today…there were others, standing of course, at the public beach on the mainland…are a Brigit Bardot or Hugh Jackman on parade. Think more a wet, hairy Bronwyn Bishop or greased up Kim Beazley.

Or halfway between the two…..

This time we tried a dull looking restaurant with no view that Lonely Planet commends. It was really nice food, basic Dalmation bits and pieces, char-grilled scampi and meats, and a big plate of vegetables.

And that was the day. Early start tomorrow, mini-bus to the ferry then on to Dubrovnik.

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June 16, 2011 at 12:42 pm

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