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Dubrovnik, Saturday 18th June

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View from the parapet, Dubrovnik

Where we are is maybe 200 metres from one of the entrances to the old town. And next to it is an entrance to the castle wall walk. For $13 you get to walk the 2 km high route that circumnavigates the town. The wall is complete, so you can go right round.

To handle the crowds you are all asked to go in a single direction. It is a lovely walk, best tackled early as it gets so hot up there during the day. And the crowds get thicker and thicker.

Thicker in many senses. The Americans are there, shouting to each other from a distance of 2 metres, “I am just taking a picture of the ocean. I’m trying to get the boat in.”

Every so often, in the shade, sits someone with a twisted ankle. Surprisingly, high heels have not proved the correct footwear for the hike.

Outside the walls


Bizarrely, there are tourist shops up here, selling large objects that would need to be carried, as well as the small stuff. Some cafes. People live up along the wall, and their clothes hang out to dry to provide an alternative image for the snappers to capture.

The view is too much, you can take a few photos but in the end its overwhelming. I suspect you’d need to do this walk three or four times to soak it in properly. Not Dodo. He’s done it once, when he was young, never again. Too hot.

He’s working today in a concrete manufacturing plant. Now that sounds hot to me!

From the walls you can see the outside-the-walls cafes that are perched on the rocks facing the ocean.

Yesterday we made the mistake of going walking without our bathers….(that is, no bathers in my pack, not FKK walking….just in case that’s what you were thinking…). We were prepared this time. Today we flushed the heat away from the walk along the wall by a swim in the ocean from the café swimming spot. No shade though, so you swim and go.

swim outside the walls

Best way in is to jump, but it’s a good 4 metre leap of faith. Sylvia was on the edge, about to go and hesitating, which only encouraged the tour boat going past and the crowds on the wall 50 metres above.

With a toot from the tour boat and a cheer from the crowds she launched.

Back to Dodo and Lucia’s shady garden for lunch. There was a Saturday market in town. It’s less wholesale food, more gimcrackery for tourists…lavender stuff, gift bottles of “brandy” and so on. But one stall sold fresh mulberries and raspberries, really nice peaches. Another had weirdo crystallized fruit and bags of caramelized almonds. We bought all of those things.

Sylvia wants to do some shopping. I want to try out the exhibition “Virtual Dubrovnik”. Mutually exclusive interests.

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June 18, 2011 at 12:41 pm

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