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Dubrovnik-Vienna, Monday 20th June

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I can’t think of many times Sylvia has been scared of anything, but I found something today.

What to do on our last morning in Dubrovnik?

No need for a coffee…Dodo’s mother boiled us up a massive cup of stewed coffee for breakfast. They made an effort to do that at sometime every day. Very nice people. Lucia works in a kitchen, Dodo said, and he is “very lucky to have such a good cook for a wife.” He’s a pretty happy guy.

The wind had died, let’s have a last swim. We hiked round to the outside-the-walls bar where you can go swimming.

Well, it looked a bit challenging. The choppy roughness had died down, but there was a big swell rolling through, a metre. We walked down the poured concrete stairs to the get-in/get-out spot. There are two buza bars, about 100 metres from each other. (We swam from one to the other last time. They are not in line of sight, but just round the corner from each other.)  Today we were at the second buza, and the access point had a different layout. Rather than stairs down into and past the water level, this one had a  big flat platform at the bottom, with a sort of encrusted ledge. At regular intervals the water dropped away, then roared back in flooding it.

We’re both good swimmers, we could manage.

Once in though, and looking back at the landing point, I was not so sure. Sylvia waited while I came back in and did a test landing, and it was easy, so on that basis she jumped in too. The water was glorious, clear and a good swimming temperature, but there was a bit of a current, dragging you away and out which bothered me a little. Without noticing

Sylvia drifted out and I asked her to come in closer.

We were only in for a few minutes and it was disconcerting enough that we decided to come back in.

The first time I had landed easily. This time I was a little too confident, and I wasn’t quite up on the platform when the water started receding. I tried to maintain my hold on slippery, eroded weed-green concrete, but suddenly the water dropped a metre and I bounced off the rocks. Not the best! I came back again and took it a bit more carefully and got in ok.

But it psyched Sylvia out. She was treading water, waiting for a right moment with her nerve ebbing. It took her a couple of minutes to make her approach, and she got up fine, but she was shaky.

We’ve both picked up a few urchin spikes, mussel cuts, wounds and bumps along the way, and today we added a few more to the collection.

Perhaps the fact that no one else was swimming should have been the warning flag we should have noticed.

I forgot to mention the Rector’s residence in Dubrovnik. The Rector was the elected leader (for a period of one month!). The residence is now a museum of artifacts…artwork, furniture, weaponry and so on. It also contains the pharmacy museum and an exhibition on a local genius, Boskovic, who didn’t just dabble but produced significant results in most fields of science…astronomy, mathematics, engineering, optics and so on.

The building itself is a bit run down but the stonework is still in good nick. I can gape at carved arches and balustrades all day, so I enjoyed it.

Dubrovnik from planeEasy flight from Dubrovnik, the pilot kindly taking us above the town for a last look.

So, here we are in Vienna, waiting for the train from the airport. In Vienna there is a fast train from the airport to town, or for half the price you catch the local train, which goes right to Floridsdorf, which is the suburb we need.

We stayed here for 6 months three years ago, and being a poured concrete house it hasn’t changed much. Its got some new paint, an old sink replaced, new plumbing, and it looks like the hydraulic heating has a new pump. When we stayed here the cold nearly killed us, so it is pleasing this has been upgraded!

The toilet is still the Austrian chamber-of-horrors that freaked me out last time…a flat deck receives your goods so you can inspect the quality of the merchandise at close range before you flush. Delightful.

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June 20, 2011 at 6:11 pm

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